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This story burnt my spirit. I am really crazy on writing and learning about literature, story from another part of of this planet, the place where I am not living in. Writing, especially writing a story, is my passion. I like everything related to literature, culture, language, drama, poem, etc.

In this early morning, as usual I read some news online, especially about everything in Europe-the country I want to visit-America, and another country which English is the language. I am not a native speaker of English because I am an Asian. So that, I find some difficulties to understand what the story is about, but I get the atmosphere of the life there, as though I am living there and get in touch with all brothers and sisters. Yeah, everybody is brother and sister.

About a great man O'Toole, I have just known his name when I read the news on yahoo news. As usual, though only reading the story or watching on YouTube, whether about a writer, playwright, poet, novelist, etc. It burnt my spirit to be the best one. They are the great passionate person, the good model for me. An interested quote by O'Toole, "I am still in the game and might be win the futility." I remember the Less Brown words, "It's not over until I win."

Hope the family of O'Toole will get the better life in the future and everybody around him too.

Here a little of the story I write here:

O'Toole graciously accepted the honorary award, quipping, "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride, my foot," as he clutched his Oscar statuette.

He had nearly turned down the award, sending a letter asking that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hold off on the honorary Oscar until he turned 80.

Hoping another Oscar-worthy role would come his way, O'Toole wrote: "I am still in the game and might win the bugger outright."

The last chance came in, for "Venus," in which he played a lecherous old actor consigned to roles as feeble-minded royals or aged men on their death beds. By failing again to win, he broke the tie for futility which had been shared with his old drinking buddy, Richard Burton.

I got some new words from this reading practice. Here are:
  • flamboyant manner
  • candor
  • sober
  • futility
  • turn down sth
  • hold of on
  • clutch
  • savage

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