Russian Ranks Second Replaced German As The Most Popular Language After English In Internet

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It is my passion to speak many languages. I am so interested to understand many languages. I found the world more wonderful when I speak more than one language. I speak two local languages and one national language now, and English as an international language.

I have started learning Spanish online. Spanish is my favorite language. I don't know, I like the sound and also the similar ones, Italian and Portuguese. Actually, I want to study Chinese, French, Indian, and Arabic literature, but I have no time yet to learn them now.

I am doing an online business. Sometimes I consider which language is the best one to use in online business? Fortunately, Spanish is the popular language in the world, in internet too, but after Russian and German. But, learning Russian and German need much time. I am so busy now to do it.

Because my hobby is writing and I am doing an online business, so I begin learning another language from the structure. After I understand the structure, then go action get in touch with the real communication, especially written form.

¿Cómo está?

Buenas tardes.

I can write Spanish now though only those expressions. To get in touch with new culture is really interesting.

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