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Learn English without learning spoken English is not complete. Most people think that learning language is learning to speak. Learn English grammar is important too, but not many people will consider much your grammar as long as they understand what you said. In learning spoken English, phrasal verb is important to learn. Native speaker use phrasal verbs in social.

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For beginner level, it may be rather confusing because the meaning is different from what they usually read on dictionary, for instance 'run into'. On dictionary run means move faster than a walk, but run into means to meet someone you know when you are not expecting to, example, I ran into her last night. However, you can find a lot of phrasal verbs and the meaning on online dictionary: Oxford Dictionary or Cambridge Dictionary online.

Here are some phrasal verbs commonly used in daily activity:
  1. We must tighten up (on) our security
    The teacher must tighten up on the rule
  2. Don't cheese off your boss.
  3. be into: meeting someone you know unexpectedly
  4. go into: start doing a particular type of work
  5. put up with: accept an unpleasant situation
  6. drop out: when students stop studying at school before graduation
  7. carry on: to continue doing something
  8. go over: to examine something in detailed
  9. get on with: to start doing something, especially work
  10. get along: together with someone because they like each other
  11. put off: decide to delay activity
  12. get away with: avoiding punishment
  13. take care: protecting someone
  14. put on: cover your body with cloth (=wear)
Here are some examples:
  • I am really into teaching
  • My younger brother's really into business
  • I was really into writing since I was studying in elementary school
  • Go over your essay before you show it to your teacher
  • I want to go over my novel befor send it to publisher
  • Everybody stops talking, get on with your duty
  • I could get on with this project
  • He gets on with his job
  • I will go into business after my graduation
  • He goes into journalism
  • Why don't you go into teaching in school?
  • She takes care of his two sons alone
  • I must take care of my younger brother because my parents are working
  • Don't put off your duty if you can do now
  • I put up with his attitude, he is normal I think
  • I put up with the situation, but I can't stand with the land lord attitude
  • He is so bad, but she puts up with him
  • It's been the six times he broke the law, but he always can put away with it.
Those are some examples of English Phrasal verb to make your speaking more natural like native speaker.  Improve your spoken English by using it. Keep trying. 

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