How Much You Dare To Be Successful

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Brush is a university student. He is 20 years old now. His father wanted him to work as a state worker in his city, but Brush is not interested. He wants to be a journalist. He has said to his father that he wants to be a journalist, but he had no answer when his father asked him about how much money he will make.
He is in the third semester now. But he never cares about his study. He doesn’t like it. That was not his passion.

He shared his problem with his closed friend one day, but he didn’t get a good advice. His friend asked him, “I believe that you are a great man. Then prove it. You can tell to your father, ‘Father, You don’t need to give me money next month. I will be autonomous, I will live my own life’ can you?”

Brush just kept silent without any word.

“I am great, I am the greatest man, I am that greatest man,” he said in his heart before going to bed.

He had a nice dream that night. He met a beautiful angel, but no longer disappeared. He was wondering what that dream means.

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