English Exercise: Story About Dementia Village

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Learning English without practice will get no progress. Beginners much worry about making mistake included me, but I struggled by doing several kinds of exercise. I listen to some video or audio, I also read some English text, then I tried to write what had I learned. Bellow the example.

I have just known about this village yesterday when I was surfing on YouTube. The view is so excited, then I watched the video. Really, it reminded me of the moment when I was in hospital for about three months. All of us were the same. That situation encouraged me to live my life more spiritually. That was different from the moment when I had been at home that I had been the only one suffer the pain and prefer to be alone.

About the village, it's almost the same as the village I am living in now. I am living in a village well known as English Village. In this village there are more than 150 English institutions. Millions students from all parts of our country Indonesia come here to study English.

Reading the story makes me curious to come there and get in touch with them, unfortunately, it's too far. However, I have heard the story and can pray for them in order to get better life. Hope tomorrow will always better for them.

Here is the little story about it:

'Dementia Village' - as it has become known -- is a place where residents can live a seemingly normal life, but in reality are being watched all the time. Caretakers staff the restaurant, grocery store, hair salon and theater -- although the residents don't always realize they are carers -- and are also watching in the residents' living quarters.

Residents are allowed to roam freely around the courtyard-like grounds with its landscaped trees, fountains and benches -- but they can't leave the premises.

Their two-story dormitory-style homes form a perimeter wall for the village, meaning there is no way a resident can accidentally wander out. CNN
Reading such story, about fact in another part of this planet, make me feel that I have so many brothers and sisters in this world. It means wherever I am, it needn't to be worry, I will be happy. It's not only about practicing reading website or learning another language online, but I am finding my brothers and sisters there. I can't give them anything, though. However, I can say, "God, help them to be better."

Learning another language is interesting.

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