English Exercise: Reattach A Cutting Hand

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Exercise writing English is fun. I get progress unconsciously. Bellow is my writing exercise after I read news on website. Learning English should do a lot of exercises.

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How lucky the patient when the doctor could reattach the hand which had been cut off. It is news from China. A worker accidently cut his hand off when he worked. Then he came to the nearest hospital, but the doctors there did not have any skill to help him. Then he tried to find another hospital. Finally he found it. How lucky he is.

The doctor optimist. He saw the glass was half full.

It reminds me of the moment when I suffered a pain in my right eye for seven years. One of traditional healers I met had ability to reattach part of human body which had been cut off. However, he used magic. He told me one day that a long ago he was a leader of a mafia. He had a magic power, and also had many rivals.

One day he came into a forest, got away from the crowded life. In that tranquil place he thought about his life, about what he had been doing, about the meaning of life, about the life in the hereafter. Then he realized that he must be useful for other people.

Something came over him and gave him a strange power. That power was “Minyak Banyu Urip” (Minyak=oil, banyu=water, urip=life). He used his spittle to heal people, especially they who got broken bone or cut off. Unfortunately, he has died. Hope he get the better life there.

About Dr. Tang Juyu in China, Glad to know about him, about his ability. Hope he can transfer the skill to other doctors, so many people suffer such wound will get help.

Here I post a little story about this:
The doctor, Dr. Tang Juyu, is a specialist in difficult tissue and wound repair cases. Before Xie went into the operation, Tang told him he was optimistic and predicted he would regain the use of his hand, according to Xie.

Tang decided the best way to save the hand was to attach it to Xie's calf where there was a good blood supply. The hand would need to stay there until Xie's arm could fully heal.

Tang believes there have been about 20 such cases in all of China and all of them have been successful. There is no data, as only case studies have been performed.

Tang said in a similar operation in 2004, he grafted a hand onto a patient's belly. That operation was a success. CNN
From this reading practice I got new words/phrase:

  • grafted a hand onto
  • belly

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