A Blogger Is A Great Thinker

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Gabriel is a blogger. He has many blogs and one personal blog. He posts about everything on his blogs. He has been interested in writing since he was 12 years old, and interested in blogging since he was 16 years old. He lives in a boarding house alone. He does not like a crowded place, but he always hangs out with his friends at a cafe, town square. Even he likes to hang out at stall with some people he has never known before. He is an easy going guy.

He begins the day with reading news, checking his email, and working out. Then he goes somewhere to learn about everything. “Life is learning,” he stated. “A blogger is a great thinker. He always learns everything. He always tries to solve problems in life. He always tries to make everything better. He always shares knowledge to the reader on his blog. A blogger lives his life with much curiosity.”

His dream is to make the world better. So that they lack sleep. He thinks all the time, thinking about everything he found everywhere.

The latest article he posted on his personal blog is about young generation titled “Young Generation Is Never Guilty.” It’s just about 4 hours ago he posted it, but he has got 2000 readers visited his blog.

He has published ten books about life, education, motivation, parenting, society, culture, dream, etc. The most popular one is about dream titled “The Journey of A Dreamer”. It sold 10.000 copies a month.

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