How important is reading history book for you?

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Life is running from past to reality, then go on to the future.
There are a lot of valuable things are left behind.
Here are some opinions I get from yahoo answer in UK and USA:

  • its not that imprtant unless you plan on becoming a historion, or history teacher.
  • I enjoy reading history as pass time - I find it relaxing. Guess it depends on the person.
  • History is actually an interesting subject.
  • I enjoy learning history, though in a class, doing work for it can be tiring after a while. If I could just hear it and remember it, it would be nice, without having to worry about maintaining an A in all classes. As for reading a history book in my own personal time, I do not tend to do this activity. I think people who be more interested in history if it were presented in a way that can be educational yet entertaining. Such as: The Percy Jackson Series. I learned a good bit of Greek Mythology in the books when I first read it a few years ago, but there are thousands of kids and young adults who love it as well as myself because it is amusing as well. It is my favorite book series in fact, but, again, it can be educational about history/mythology as well. Source(s): A lover of non-fiction novels, books and series.
  • its important but not as important as reading a science book in my opinion. Source(s): as you can probably already tell i hate history
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