How to Get A Milliions Idea To Write?

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The ideas talk to you, "Don't wait me!"

Writing means to get people read our idea, to get them know what is in our mind. So it's so simple, pretend you as a reader, what do you need from the book you read? What do you need from the author? Reading is like learning and writing means teaching. People who read your book is learning about what you said in your book, they also learn how you give them knowledge through your book.

Teach the reader wisely. "Wise" means you treat them as you want to be treated as a reader.

Then how to get many ideas?

Getting many Ideas is not only about the content you want to write, you want to give to the reader, but also how you write your book, how you interact with the reader through your book, how you, what style is most appropriate for your targeted reader.

To get knowledges (Ideas), reading is a good way, you can read books in library, magazine, newspaper, or website, or even message in your mobile phone. Besides that you also need to read your environments, observing, or doing research.

Then, here are the way to get many ideas:
1. Pretend yourself as a reader. Then what you need to know?
2. Ask yourself what problem do you have?
3. Look around, what should you do to make the environment more wonderful?
4. Ask yourself how the way to do that?
5. etc.

You can ask many questions when you pretend yourself as a reader. Pretend you as a sailor, then ask yourself what you need? And so on. They are so many problems in this life, each person has their own problem and need different ways to solve. Different place is different problem.

Then you can write them. Write the problem, and find the way to solve. You can also write tips how to write problem solving idea, and so many things you can write.

6. The easy way to get many ideas, you can come to a forum whether online or offline. The online forum as like yahoo answer. There are so many people need your help there. So you can help them by giving them solutions.

I think that's my tips. I hope you get benefit from this simple tips

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