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“Mom, Denny went to Singapore.”

It was kind of a classic story, from a very young kid. That was such story I like to tell her, My lovely mom.


She replied simply without looking at me. Sometimes I thought that she was a careless one, but I knew she loved me so much. I’ve never gone to bed without her beside me, lullabied me till I got in the dream. I loved her, so much. Her face was wrinkled, dark and rough, but she was so tender.

“He went there with other students from some schools in other cities. He got the chance after took a selection test in Bali.” She gave response, but it was not important to tell anybody about what she had said. I continued telling her. “He has a great student. He has won some English and French Debate Competitions. He can speak four languages.” She took a deep breath.  I stopped for a moment and walked up to my little goat which played under a big tree in front of us. I sat there enjoying the blowing wind for a moment, while listening to some unheard news from the very long distance. I took it to my mom.

“Denny ever asks me to join an English course after school in the afternoon,”  I continued my story. She was smiling. She might think that my story was not important, I was just a kid. “Even he lends me his books. He has a private library in his house. He has so many books.” I have told her about this many times.

The Wind blew faster as though wanted to carry me to China. Some birds also flew faster, follow the wind current. How lucky they were. They could go somewhere they want, they had wings.

I climbed that big tree, left my mom alone, then sat on the lowest branch. At that place I like to talk with my beloved friend, My diary.

My lovely friend, thanks a lot. You’re the one who never bored accompanying me, listening to my story, everything I have in mind.

My beloved friend, I am a kid living in a small village, I don’t know much about life in the city, the place where people have everything they need. I know that, my teacher has told me, my classmate Deny too. I tell you once again, he went to Singapore, he is a lucky one.

My beloved friend, I always ask you, this is always written on your each page. I never know my father.  My mom is a single parent. Some of our neighbors advised me to help her making money. It means that I can’t study all the day like Denny. They never talk about money, but I’ve understood it. We make money from our goats and our rice fields. My beloved friend, He is joining some courses in the afternoon, reading books in the evening, at night too. He likes to lend me his books, but when, when will I read it.

He may want me to be like him. Yeah, Right?

One day, when I was in Denny’s house, we were watching a movie. He had so many collections. That movie was so memorable. I always remember the actor, Greanady. He was a boy in a small village without father like me. He had some  goats too. But, he was very lucky living there. He and all people there had a good tradition. They always carry on an event called “My Kid and The Story”. All kids took a part to read and write books like a competition, then show the results at the end of the event.

At the end of the movie he published his book. He became a famous kid writer and went travelling around the world.

Mom, I am waiting the moment when I become an entrepreneur and be a rich man. So that, I can buy so many books, join some courses, even I will make a private library and will invite my friends to read in our house.  I am sure, I will get a chance to go travelling around the world and be the famous one. Like an actor in that movie, Greanady.


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