A Village of Angels

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Full of leaves, spreading over the stony road, dusty, but so green. So many winding turns waving along. I felt the breezy repulsed the heat of noon. I was amused by a pleasant atmosphere. I was walking on my foot, so slowly, like counting the pebble.

I saw the buildings around the slope, over there the angels are living, I stopped a while, kept seeing. A fragrant smell was coming, I smelt a very nice aroma, as though sniffing the most wonderful flowers.

I walked closer. A pair of doves flew over me as though welcomed me with the beauty. They perched on a stone, near by me. I was so closed, but suddenly my feet were so heavy. I stared at a house, the very poor building but so wonderful with the color.

It was so silent, but so peaceful.

I heard a laughter. It might be the voice of a beautiful angel. I walked my foot. I saw a child play alone in the yard. He was so cute. I was trembling. The sensation was so strange. I felt like living in the heaven. It was so strange. I fell into confusion, didn’t know what to do.

A young man came to me with his smile, so friendly. He invited me to his house, asked me while smiling, about who I was, from where, who I was seeing. He also told me about the weather, about his families, about the economy of his village. He also told about poverty in this village, but his face pictured a so happy life that he lived happily in peace.

He got into the middle room. I slipped out my pen and my small note from my bag. then unconsciously my fingers were so agile playing the pen. The words spread easily over the paper like flood pouring over.

A strange aroma came closer to me, so fragrant. I lifted up my face. So surprised, I saw a beautiful girl came to me brought a tray with some cakes and drinks on it. She bowed her head, looked down as though let me look her beautiful face. Soon she got into the middle room again after putting the cakes and the drinks on the table.

The young man came out again, sat down in front of me. He was so friendly as though we have known each other for a long time. “Make yourself at home,” he said while smiling. I took the cake and ate it. I didn’t know what kind of cake, but it was so delicious. He ate too.

While eating the cakes he asked me again about my purpose coming here, to this village, but his tone was like joking, not really serious, still looked so friendly without suspect. As my friend said that it was the culture of this village, that they must welcome the guest perfectly.

I was curious, I didn’t see a girl around, the angels as people in my village said. People called this village An Angel Village, but… Where are the angels?

I asked him about the religious education in this village. I heard that the religious schools had role to keep the culture. He explained me that there are so many religious schools in this region though it was on the mountain range.

“May I visit one of the schools?”

“Of course, Brother. I’ll accompany you. But… you’d better change your dress.” He got in the middle room and backed with a dress in his hand. “You should wear this dress.” That was a dress like he wore. “Using this dress is more polite.”

He told me so many rules to be obeyed in this village, good ways to behave, or the moral value. It was rather hard for me, but I must respect them. Therefore I didn’t see girls around. “Because they are angles and will be a mother. A mother is the noblest one.”

“So the girls stay in dormitory to study all the day, and never come out just to take a stroll?”

“Right. They learn about Religion, Morality, and Culture.” Actually, I wanted to ask him about how man and woman have relation, but I was worried it was impolite. But, suddenly he told me about him. “It’s so hard to marry a girl who has graduated from religious school. There’s a standard of quality.”

“So, a smart girl must get a smart man?”

“It’s not about smart or not, but their whole quality, especially their attitude. Knowledge is number two, a good attitude is the first criteria. Graduation is useless if they have bad attitude.” I saw a girl and his mother walked in the opposite of us. She bowed his head. I stared at her. She was so beautiful. “Sss…tt!!” He warned me. “That’s impolite, forbidden,” he smiled while smiling.

“Oh, sorry.”

“To bend down your head is better. That’s a good way. We have to give example to the generations, give them example to behave. We’re men, a good example of the boys or children.”

He was right.

“Over there the school,” he pointed a big building over there.

“You graduated from that school?”

“Yeah, but still continue study some subjects.”

“What subject?”

“Teaching method and Arabic Writing.”

“You’re also a teaching?”

“Yeah, I am a junior teacher.”

“So, you’re qualified to marry graduated girl or lady teacher there?”

He smiled at me. “Yeah, I hope so.”

I smelt a fragrant smell, felt the sense of blossoming flowers in the park of paradise. And my eyes saw a picture of nothing but dreamy beauty came to me, get into my eyes, very deep, so deep, so much, touched my heart, the deepest side.

There’s a single seed of rose over there, the deepest inside. The aroma brought a drizzle, little by little fell down smoothly touched everything it faced with the breezing wind. The world was so peaceful at that time.
The heaven as though was coming here before the hereafter was coming.


Years passed, the story has been a history. The leader of that school welcomed me, served some foods and drinks. There were so many guests there and we ate together. “You have to eat, so that the host is not offended,” he whispered me.


“It’s a tradition. We have to serve delicious food for the guests. If you don’t eat, it means the host serve the bad foods.”

Angel, the story is too long. It needs so many years to tell all. Angel, we meet in that library, when I visited that school, the most wonderful and most beautiful one in that village. Angel, the boy’s studying there now. Angel, you’re the most beautiful girl in this world. You are so kind, so tender, no day without smile in your face, no day without your aura, no day without the sense of paradise. But, those had ended.

Everything has been over. All was done. Done. Done.

Angel, you left me and our little boy. Hope you’re in a better place, in heaven. I remember your word that afternoon when the sunset has just begun, spreading the reddish appearance like the unfold eagle’s wings when it was soarig up the highest space of phases.

“My wish of our kid, he or she will be the greatest one like the one which is always beside me, but not he of today,” I was laughing at that time. I understood you were joking me. That was the meaningful romantic moment, but… now all was done, all was over, over, over. “He or she will spread peace over the world, will give his or her hand to the world. He or she will run a great school, the school which teaches about how to live a life, how to make everything be better.” And so on. That was too long to tell just in a single night, even a single month is ot enough, a year is like a second. Telling about you is timeless. But, the kid will make all you wished come true. I promised.

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