A Man of Loss

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He was wandering, passed the winding turns, crossed the road, sailed overseas, climbing the mountains, had met a thousand rains. He was stopping, standing on the land that he didn’t know where it was. He lifted up his face. He saw a white bird over there, on the top of Casuarina tree. It was alone, sitting facing the north as though thinking of life, so silent, no song it sang, no fly it made. The leaves fell down on its back, but it was so silent as though enjoying too much dream. He looked at the north, but found nothing, just a single motionless cloud in the distance so near to the earth as if it was wishing to take a nap awhile on the wonderful grassy land.

It was noon without even a little wind. The trees were sleeping, just its leaves fell down meaningless spreading over around him. He took one piece and had a look as though wishing it to pronounce a single word, but it was speechless.

He bent down his head, closed his eyes, tried to feel the stillness. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

The world was dreaming, enjoying its deepest sleeping. There was nothing coming to him even he didn’t realize whether his breath still working or not. He felt like nothingness.

A little kid came to his mind. He saw an old woman facing the sunset on the west, enjoying the reddish cloud with her smile. He saw a single tear fell down from her eye onto her cheek.

She wiped it with her finger. The day would end soon. It was too early, too early. What the time is! He shouted with his silence, no word came out from his mouth, no sound, no voice, no anything, nothing at all. But, he felt his feet trembling, as though the world was shaken.

He was not here, left his existence. The kid ran away, left that woman with her tear. The kid got into the darkness, getting lost, be visible.

All was nothing.

A word came to appear, the sound was so smooth, so tender. It was the beginning, he heard a story from the nothingness. Everything was silent, like paying attention in deepest curiosity. Remember, a long ago, a thousand years, the story began. A single rose in that wonderful garden, on the grassy. It was blossoming, you remember. He was trembling as if couldn’t bear the situation.

The kid suddenly came to him, standing in front of him, stared at him. “I am blind, but I can see everything, even what you can’t see.” He was surprised, he thought that was impossible.

He saw that the kid didn’t have eyes. “If you’re lost, or didn’t know the way where should you go, I’ll show you, I’ll lead you. Give me your hand.” He was shocked to hear that.


The kid was smiling at him. He was so cute. “You lost your self.”

“What?! What did you say?!”

The kid was chuckling.

“The angel said that having eyes not always make me easy to go. On the contrary, it made me confuse.”

The kid was so strange. But, he realized he could see everything in the dark, even without opening eyes, yeah, that was real. He touched his arm. “You’re very funny. I’ll go, call me if you need me.” Soon the kid lost in the dark.

You picked a rose, the story went on. You sniffed at it and smelt the fragrant of excellent sense. Let me tell you, and set your ear. About a million miles from that garden, eastward, there was a little candle on a wonderful hill. It was taken care by a white bird. The white bird usually rounded its wings to cover the light from the blowing wind.

The white bird usually enjoyed the wonderful view of the night through the candle’s light. It was the most wonderful night placed, even the moon thought needn’t to light that place. The white bird was so care of that candle, even though it sometimes burns its fur.

He couldn’t stand a little longer anymore. He fell down to the earth. He let his body lay on the earth and face the blue sky. It was so bright. No dark, and the wind was breezing. He was confused about what happened with him.

“I am so sorry. I am so sorry, so sorry, so sorry.”

The wind came and brought a single drizzle, fell it down on his face, on his forehead.

The road is too long and has so many winding turns. He took a deep breath.

“It’s the end. No more, please no more. No more.”

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