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It's morning here, Indonesia, Randu Cangkring, Pujer, Bondowoso. I am in my room with my very closed friend for now, I don't know later, this machine is my very closed friend now. With this machine, I am listening to online radio to improve my English skill as I am an English learner and will be an English teacher. I am also doing promotion trough some of my free blogs in this machine as I am an online seller. Many things I can do with this machine: chatting with friends, sharing, browsing, and so on. For now, this unreal world is mostly resided by me.

I have so many blogs, not good blogs, but those blogs have my history inside, history of my learning and my struggling. People here say that I am a young man, may be true, I am 27 years old now. But, I don't think so. I feel that I am old enough now. it's time for me to do my best for the world; I have planed it when I was in junior high school, about twelve years ago, but the reality is not as I want. Yeah, it's a life. But I never want to give up.

Here are those blogs:

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My skype: rugyinsun.alwayslearns
My facebook: Rugyinsun Menjejak Mimpi

Hehe..., I want to laugh seeing them. I realize, I am not a professional, but having a big dream to be an international one who can make some relation with people over the world, to have friends over the worlds. So that, the world become my house, not just this small one with few ones here. Really, I feel very save, so peaceful by thinking that there are only two: The Creator and the creatures. And I am one of those creatures.
It's a life. For me, Life is Learning. So that, I am not I was and also not I will be, but must be the better one.


It's January 10 2013

I am not I was. Life is thankful now, and must thank always. Keep go on, life is learning.

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